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Cerebral Vascular Accident, Stroke


Canadian crutch
Type of crutch that has metal or plastic sleeves that wrap around the forearm of the user. Also called “forearm” crutch.

CAPP Cookie Cruncher
Can be body-powered or a manual device named for the Child Amputee Prosthetics Project at UCLA, it’s purpose was designed to promote gross motor functioning and early grasp.

Cavus Foot
foot with a very high arch

Check socket/test socket
A trial socket, usually transparent, made to evaluate fit and comfort of a prosthesis or orthosis prior to final design.

CMT – Hypertrophic
peripheral nerve fibers are thickened, myelin sheath breaks down.

CMT – Neuronal
the axon or central part of the nerve cell deteriorates

from birth

Congenital amputee
refers to a defect from birth, “the baby was born without a hand.”

Congenital defiency
A condition present at birth, when all or part of a limb fails to develop normally.

Control cable
Stainless Steel cable used to move and to operate a body-powered prostheses. Can also lock and unlock mechanical joints

Cosmetic cover
Can be a foam or rubber material, a hard laminate, sprayed or rolled on protective skin, or prosthetic nylon stocking that gives a prosthetic device a more natural appearance.