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There are 7 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Manual locking Knee
Device that automatically locks the knee when brought in complete extension to prevent buckling and falls.

Muscular atrophy
wasting of the muscles due to diseased or injured nerves

Muscular Dystrophy
wasting of the muscle due to a defect in the muscle itself

Myelin sheath
fatty outer covering the surrounds the nerve

Myodesis Procedure
performed during an amputation, by sewing the opposing bundles of cut muscle tissue to small holes drilled into the end of the bone of the residual limb. Adds to performance of the muscles since it is a more secure attachment for the muscles to act on and also helps to prevent future atrophy.

Myoelectric prosthesis
Is a electrically controlled prosthesis that uses electrodes mounted within the socket to receive electrical signals from the muscle contraction to control a motor in the terminal device, wrist rotator or elbow, there are different types.

Myoplasty Procedure
performed during an amputation, by connecting the opposing bundles of cut muscle tissue together. It adds good protection to the end of the cut bone and to prevent future atrophy.


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