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There are currently 16 glossary items in this directory beginning with the letter P.
a condition marked by loss of power to feel or to control movement in the effected part of the body

is biomechanics gone bad, with deformity

Peroneal muscle
located on the outside of the leg below the knee to the ankle. These muscles assist to raise the foot during walking.

Pes Planus
foot with little or no arch, collapse of arch

refers to a missing segment or under developed, “the baby was born with out a femur.” – usually presents itself as very small, deformed versions of normal limbs.

Physical therapy/PT
The rehab specialist, evaluation and treatment of disease, injury or disability through the use of therapeutic exercises and modalities to strengthen muscles, improve range of motion and decrease pain.

to extend or point the foot downward

Air filled units provides controlled changes in the speed of walking.

Multiple-axis joint.

Post-Op Rigid dressing
A protective cast applied in surgery or very soon after amputation to control swelling and pain; used to promote shrinkage and shaping of the residual limb in preparation for a prosthetic fitting.

To hold, grasp or pinch.

Preparatory prosthesis
A short-term prosthesis, usually 2-6 months, generally without cosmetic finishing, which is provided in the early phase of fitting to expedite prosthetic wear and use; it also aids in the evaluation of amputee adjustment and component selection.

plural of prosthesis

An artificial replacement for a body part.

The profession of Artificial Limbs

Practitioner of Prosthetics, ABC Certified preferred, – A patient-care practitioner who evaluates, designs, fabricates and fits artificial limbs.