Pectus emBrace

The Pectus emBrace™ from CureVentions is designed exclusively for the treatment of Pectus Carinatum. The device works through implementing pressure gradients with Dynamic Force Plate technology to provide corrective compression over the affected Pectus site. Designed in collaboration with clinicians around the country, the Pectus emBrace™ was built with patient comfort in mind and promotes a new and more effective method of treating Pectus Carinatum.

100% Nonmetal components

Magnetic BOA™ closure for effortless tightening

Moisture-wicking KoolFlex™ fabric

Clinically tested and patent-pending Dynamic Force Plate

Latex-free washable pads

Non-slip pads for suspension

Adjustable/Customizable fabric components

What is Pectus Embrace?

What is the Pectus emBrace ?

Ultimate Mobility

Ultimate Mobility


Metal free device provides maximum comfort for all day wearing

The Pectus emBrace™ is the only pectus brace on the market that is constructed of 100% nonmetal components. There are no abrasive edges, sharp screws, or restrictive mechanisms like those of traditional braces. This increases overall patient comfort and results in extended wear time.

Simple closure makes it easy for our young patients to take on, off and make adjustments

The BOA™ dial used in our device is a magnetic clasp that makes fastening nearly effortless. The closure also functions to precisely fine tune the amount of pressure being applied to the affected site by shortening or expanding the connected straps with ease.

Interchangeable components to allow for growth so only one brace is needed

The Pectus emBrace™ features various size Strap Pads, Strap Bases, and Connective Pads. The Strap Pads and Strap Bases come in a small, medium, or large depending on the patient’s chest circumference. The Connective Pads come in two different sizes to enhance customizability of the brace. We understand that one size doesn’t always fit all, so we made interchangeable parts to accommodate this.

Discreet low profile design

Our design makes it easy for patients to wear the Pectus emBrace™ under their clothing without it being visually noticed. The brace rests flush against the skin without any bulky pads or straps that could affect the patient’s overall appearance and confidence.

Immediate assembly for same day delivery

The most differentiating aspect of our brace when compared to other traditional braces is that the Pectus emBrace is entirely specific to each patient without the hassle of sending measurements off to a lab for customization. Instead, a clinician performs extensive chest measurements to build a brace on site for each patient’s ideal fit. This allows treatment to start immediately while still considering every patient’s unique body shape and Pectus malformation.

FDA Registered

To meet the demands of these industry regulation standards, a growing number of medical device distributors are putting the complaint management process at the forefront of their quality management practices. This approach further mitigates risks and increases visibility of quality issues.

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Pectus emBrace

What is Pectus Embrace? Ultimate Mobility Benefits For ordering information, please call (480) 897-2207.
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